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Always wanted to create the wonderful herb gardens shown in magazines? You can have one now . We specialise in setting up instant gardens at your door step.  We work with you to determine your favorite gardening style, from using your spare fountains, bare balcony railings to unused corners in your home to create an instantenous garden.

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How about carrying home a pot of your favourite culinary herbs? We can create on-the-spot for you.


Our step garden allows you to grow a cocktail of herbs, colourful salad greens and vibrant blooms. We can customise any size to suit your space. It's so easy that you think you are working with an oversized planter on legs.


Raised bed is an excellent choice for the busy gardener. Each bed is customized to your space available and includes our special built-in drainage. Raised beds free you from digging and weeding. They are water saving too.


Setting up an instant garden can be as simple as growing a variety of herbs in a big portable trough. Let us put it all together for you using the right growing medium.

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Don't know what to do with that fountain or bird bath?  Call us today and we will wow you with a fountain of flavourful kitchen herbs for cooking your own gourmet dishes at home. your image.


Running out of space at home? Try going vertical. We have a variety of wall planters for you to choose from.

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