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We conduct farm tour and growing workshops for children and adults all year round. Our tours and workshops showcase our vibrant community gardens, different ways of growing your own food in a busy city like Singapore. We will  impress you with our vegetable and herb gardens and  show you how easy it is to get started. We have grapes, rice, cotton and wild strawberries growing at the farm. Surrounded by community farms, rubber trees and wild bananas, our farm offers you with endless possibilities for discovery and exploration.

We can customise tours and workshops to meet your group's requirements, including hand-on sessions to bring  home your own creation of  potted vegetable and herbs. Or you can try growing your own microgreens at our vertical farm. There's plenty to do here.


Step inside and we'll show you grapes, rice, cotton, mulberries, strawberries, edible flowers and leaves.


We start teaching the kids from young to appreciate the hard work put in by farmers and not to waste food.

farm tour

People are amazed by how delicious sunflower shoots taste. What is even more amazing? They can be harvested in 7 days after sowing.


Our farm tours always include hands-on planting activities because you can learn so much through practical experience.


It's a complete learning experience for the kids.

We conduct gardening workshop for teachers and adults too.


Kids, and even adults, are thrilled to see and touch rice.

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